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In this collection, the skill of craftsmen and the innate desire to amaze with the simplicity of innovation are embodied in both MATTER and FORM.

Discover the new Fall Winter 2022 Men's/Women's collection

Back to the origins

This season is dedicated to optimism and the ”joie de vivre", with a few glances at the past and big leaps towards the future.
A collection filled with eco-friendly and iconic accessories, bold colors and ultra-sophisticated details.
Revealing a strong identity, which emphasizes that the simplicity of a sign and the essentiality of a shape are values ​​that have settled over time, but are always current.

Discover the fall winter 2022
Women's collection

A winter of creative nomadism

Men dive into the past in search of solidity, they project themselves into the future to find innovation
and they live in the present creating a reassuring but no less fascinating mix of surprise and memory.
A creative nomadism that nourishes.

Discover the fall winter 2022 Men's collection

Towards an ethics of sustainability

ORCIANI was founded with a concept of dynamic excellence, in which skills have been built up over the years, fostered by a loving care for the raw material and the continual adoption of production best practices, and where the land around us becomes a cradle, where we can cultivate respect for our origins and protection of the environment by using green energy and slowly but surely building an Ethics of Sustainability, embracing people, processes and materials and caring for our Planet.

Discover Eco-Logic


A timeless belt, popular across seasons and generations.
A modern classic that does not follow fashion but rather interprets and shapes it.
NOBUCKLE is a revolution.
The revolution of the man who looks beyond appareances.
The revolution of a belt and of an universal elegance which does not need to fall into a pattern.

Personalise NoBuckle


SVEVA: iconic but always ready to take wing in flights of creative imagination.
This season you will find it in the WARM version, a sophisticated pairing of grained leather and suede with colors that define its edgings: the FANTY BLACK in which the total black is upgraded by the elegant contrasting stitching and the BIG MESH, with an exquisite hand-threaded motif.

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