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Orciani with Italy Segreta to discover the beauties of Marche, starting from where it all began: Fano.

Orciani about us Claudio Orciani

The Streets of Fano

Striped umbrellas; the resounding cackles of teenagers playing volleyball and table tennis; parents on bikes with their children sitting on the frame, feet dangling off the side; Roman ruins; colorful fishermen houses; craft shops and restaurants with simple, local flavors. A place where you can breathe an air of community, a vision reminiscent of the 70s when Italy lived by “mano d’opera” (craftsmanship) and not by tourism.

First stop: Fano. A town so beautiful that it’s hard to believe it hasn’t yet been covered by all possible travel outlets. As we slowly drove into town, the car stopped its 70s gurgle, as if we had just seen a vision. “It must be Atlantis, submerged under water for the past 1,000 years!”—the only plausible explanation that would allow us to forgive ourselves for not having visited this place before.

Located on the coast right below Pesaro, Fano is not only charming, but rich with tokens of its glorious history and diverse pasts that beautifully merge inside the city walls.

Here, an incredible succession of colors and textures provide a constant stimulus for inspiration.

How Sunsets Look on the Other Side

In Fano, you feel like the protagonist of an Italian Summer movie, but one of those “real” Italian nostalgic movies that never made it outside national borders.

Like most of Italy, the food of Marche is local and fresh. As the region stretches between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines mountains, the food varies from terrestrial foods such as frascarelli, crescia, olive all'ascolana (stuffed olives) and coniglio in porchetta (rabbit in porchetta) to all kinds of seafood dishes like the Brodetto alla Fano, a hearty fish stew, to which a whole festival in September is dedicated.

Most restaurants are genuine and you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s spaghetti alle vongole or the local crustacean known as canocchie (recognizable by the two colored spots on its tail) or the local version of the piadina, each dish is guaranteed to be delicious and well-executed!

The feeling is that of being in a secret land where the sun rises from the sea and falls into the hills.

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