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Eco-Logic: Planet

Orciani launches PLANET, using a nylon yarn regenerated from waste destined for disposal, to promote a corporate culture and production system that prioritise Sustainability.
PLANET is much more than a product: it is a Project. A process, an ideal pursued with determination and the passion for leather that has always been central to our identity: today, in the “primeval forge” the air we breathe is clean, and we create with the salvation of the Earth in mind.
ORCIANI ECO-LOGIC thus now becomes an approach to life, a way of conceiving the future of our business and our Planet. It expresses painstaking, constantly evolving attention focused on making this product and project much more than a fleeting fashion, with a very clear goal: to create without destroying.

PLANET is a backpack made entirely out of recycled or reclaimed materials and accessories, old fishing nets that come back as nylon wefts in an “eco-logic” fabric, nickel-free components such as zips, natural processes like water-based dyes on the edges: extreme care to safeguard the only PLANET we have and that we would like to leave to our descendants.

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