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3rd Chapter
Pasquale Jr. Natuzzi

A nomadic soul who sets out to discover freedom as the key to self-expression. A contemporary traveler who carries a family heritage founded on creativity and beauty.

Pasquale Jr. Natuzzi, with style at once sophisticated and natural, accompanies us in the third chapter of #FreedomSeeker celebrating the eclecticism and sustainability of the Planet collection.

Orciani NOBUCKLE Eco-Logic Planet

Eco-logic holdall

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Orciani NOBUCKLE Eco-Logic zaino Planet

Planet backpack

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Orciani Eco-Logic collezione Primavera Estate 2022

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Orciani collezione Monogram Primavera Estate 2022

Eco-Logic collection

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Orciani Naif Shop Primavera Estate 2022


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