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Orciani FW23
ADV campaign

The FW23 collection expresses the lightness of shapes and materials, which allow the body the freedom to move and express itself.
Each accessory recalls the distinctive character of Orciani's heritage and is designed for contemporary women and men who love to travel. A collection all to explore, but above all, to wear.

Orciani collezione borse donna Primavera Estate 2022

Missy Soft

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Orciani cinture donna Primavera Estate 2022


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Orciani collezione Piccola pelletteria donna Primavera Estate 2022

Sveva Notturno

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Orciani collezione Monogram Primavera Estate 2022

Mini Bags

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Orciani Naif Shop Primavera Estate 2022

Micron Backpacks

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