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Not just bags, stories to tell.
Shapes, colors, and details to create unique silhouettes, emblem of the "Fatto a Mano."
In constant transformation, leathers are worked with artisan mastery, giving value to light and shadow, softness and texture.
The magic of each accessory? The ability to transform according to the style of the wearer.

Our icons

Our Icons: we didn't call them that, but you did, because you filled these Bags with lived stories and desires to cherish.
Multiple declinations of Italian Fatto a Mano, these iconic bags speak of excellence and unique details that create style and elegance.
Shoulder bags or handbags have become the image of the Orciani brand, the result of the craftsmanship that creates and gives life to Bags that do not decline fashion but create style.
Shoulder bags, mini bags, and hand clutches with an unmistakable mark and the different interpretations of color.

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