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The energy of an urban zoo explodes in the extraordinary dynamism of a video, created to represent the geometry of colors and the stylization of the animal shapes, expression of the rhythm and the frenetic vitality of a city which never sleeps. Each animal with its color: Lion (Red), Panther (Blue), Elephant (Grey) and Gorilla (Green), a fusion of exotic and metropolitan, for the new young Orciani tribe.
A new piece has been added to the NOBUCKLE project: a video that narrates the creative process behind the product. The succession of steps becomes a fascinating journey inside the passion of the designer: the construction of the belt takes on the solemnity of a rite, the gestures of a master craftsman that shapes and creates a small masterpiece, in its original context: skilled hands that take the material and shape it, giving it form and life.
Symphonic rock, a whirling dance of psychedelic lights. Arrhythmias becoming notes, the white turning into bright lights. In the midst of this concert of sounds and colours, she lives, the woman, rather being woman, strong and persuasive, soft and determined at the same time. Together with her, the product lives and livens up by contrasts to emerge and dominte the scene.
Sensual movements, sophisticated gestures, overlapping faces in slow motion, a succession of products marked by a persuasive rhythm make surreal the new video ORCIANI, but at the same time they sublimate and immortalize the spring-summer collection in a refined and clear way. Like Eve, ORCIANI woman is aware of her amazing beauty and sinuous dance among the objects that make her even more sure of herself in a kind of erotic symbiosis.
Kaleidoscopic. An optical illusion of reflections. Geometries, symmetries, rotations: elegant visual to present OLIVER. Forms and details multiply by penetrating the versatility of a bag from a thousand facets. The skin is closer and further away from the eye showing its grain, details draw polyhedral shapes into a vortex of fragments of emotions.
Nobuckle Timeless
The music seen as an "artistic muse" for a perfect and lasting product, just like the belt Orciani NoBuckle. A product which suits any lifestyle and any past and future trend. The belt that follows the man over time through the history of music, as told with this 3D animation video. This is the concept behind the new video made by LAB81 for Orciani NoBuckle, the belt without buckle, icon of the brand thanks to its usability and adaptability.
The beat marks the stages of the production within the plant. Pulsating sonority, visual effectiveness, handicraft efficiency in a clever mix of images and sounds. The harmony of gestures in manipulating the skin, from cutting to hand drawing, marked by the disharmony of noises to create a unique concert as each ORCIANI product.
A NOBUCKLE belt always accompanies a man through Time breaking, rather tearing, the normality of an “illustrative” video to represent by movie sketch the life of the NOBUCKLE MAN in the succession of seasons and age.
To be a rock and not to roll
Rock, the symbol of strength and resistance, is eroded over time by the implacable, constant action of the elements, until something even more tenacious emerges from its core: impermeable to the atmospheric agents, moulded by the elements but able to resist over time. And so a bag gradually reaches it maximum chromatic splendour. From the dusty grey of rocky walls to the intensity of the aquamarine: a path through time and against time, it affirm its identity and solidity.
The Light of Thought
Rock accents in a series of intense and sophisticated tones create the soundtrack that serves as the backdrop for the Orciani videos.Refined visual sequences are the perfect background for the brand's experimental beat.