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The computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of our website shall, during their regular use and throughout the duration of the connection, acquire some personal data implicitly transmitted in the use of the Internet communication protocols. This information is not obtained with the intention of linking it with the identified persons; however, of its very nature and by means of processing and association with other data, it could result in user identification (for example, IP addresses), the domain names of the terminals used, the applicants addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) form, etc. This data, which is immediately cancelled after processing, shall only be used to acquire anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to ensure proper operation thereof.

2. Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files placed in your computer browser containing information about your access on the website, that can be stored on your computer or other internet-enabled devices, such as smart phones or tablets.
We use cookies to make the website easier for visitors to use, to tailor content to match your preferred interests and help us to speed up your future experiences and activities on our website. Cookies simplify and facilitate the interaction between users and website, allowing the website to store the individual preferences and activities, and allowing noticeable time saving and contributing to an easier and more efficient browsing experience. For example, cookies are intended to store website information (such as language, number of visits, font size) and make the effective implementation of the services easier (user registration, shopping cart contents, subscriptions to newsletters or products updates, etc.).
We use cookies to generate anonymous statistics that enable us to gain knowledge about the use of our website by users, allowing us to optimize the structure, the contents and the services of this site. The use of cookies on this website do not allow us to personally identify you. The user has the possibility to change the settings of the cookies downloaded on its computer or mobile device by intervene on the browser preferences. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies or to be warned if cookies are sent to your device. Moreover, it is possible to delete the cookies already stored by the browser of your device. To change or adjust your browser settings, the user must refer to the manual or to the help page of the browser.
You may disable cookies that we use but this could affect your browsing session, by preventing an effective access to certain parts of the website or to customized information in future.
Remember to uniformly set the browsers of your devices (computers, smart phones, tablets) in such a way that each device setting reflects your preferences concerning the cookies. Detailed information about functionality, activation and deactivation of the cookies on most common browsers may be obtained on or
For the sake of transparency, we listed the cookies we use and their scope. Please note that by using this website you accept the use of the following listed cookies.

Cookie type: _utma
Duration: 2 years (from first use or subsequent updating)
Purpose: Differentiaton of users and sessions
Origin: Google Analytics

Cookie type: _utmb
Duration: 30 minutes (from first use or subsequent updating)
Purpose: Identification of new sessions or new visits
Origin: Google Analytics

Cookie type: _utmc
Duration: Until the end of each browsing session
Purpose: Interoperability with urchin.js
Origin: Google Analytics

Cookie type: _utmz
Duration: 6 months (from first use or subsequent updating)
Purpose: Storing data about the traffic origin that explain the user’s reaction to the website contents
Origin: Google Analytics

Cookie type: _utmv
Duration: 2 years (from first use or subsequent updating)
Purpose: Storing variable and customized user data
Origin: Google Analytics